Kitchen design help!

12 days ago

We are dreadful at this stuff and have so much admiration for people with vision and practical ability. We’ve had a couple of kitchen designers round but they each have different ideas and now we’re stuck (I think lockdown has given 2 indecisive people too much time to think about it! We know the shape and doorway positions limit options but we’re not sure where to make the compromises. We’ve tried to add an island in but think it’s just too narrow and would mean squeezing through spaces. We like looking out the window from our current kitchen table so thought stools facing out but this T/u shape looks a bit odd? The table can be in the adjacent room through the 1600 doorway.

I’ve attached a couple of photos and floor plans, if anyone had any ideas we would be extremely grateful. first time at this so if more information is useful happy to add it. Thank you!

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