Need to extend a granny flat that's on acreage, SE Qld

Su Mone
10 days ago
last modified: 10 days ago

Does anyone know if it is possible to extend a secondary dwelling (aka granny flat) that will be too small in the future to use as a home for a 2 child family.

The lowset property is on an 4000m2 plot in SE Queensland in an area zoned as "rural".

The granny flat/ secondary dwelling is already around 90m2 in size and was constructed about 10 years after the main house.

It has 2 small bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, bathroom and single garage, and is connected to the side of an existing 4 bedroom house. It was built in the same architectural style as the main house and the casual observer might think the whole building is one large single home with 3 garages in the centre.

A young family member and partner would like to raise a family in the secondary dwelling but its current size is barely adequate and so they wanted make it larger, as this would be 50% cheaper than buying a 3 bedroom house somewhere else.

A draughtsman/ architect did a site visit and when we discussed how we wanted to convert the single garage to increase the size of the lounge, and also add a new attached extension to the rear or the side of the existing secondary dwelling, consisting of a master bedroom with en-suite and double garage, he said it would be not be acceptable by council rules.

This came as a bit of a blow as we'd presumed that keeping to a reasonable building footprint and having an acre of land available, what we were proposing to do, would be fine.

Having researched further, it is not clear (to me anyway), what building work can be done once you have a "granny flat" that is already over 80m2 in size. So can any one advise the options we have to get the extension done and keep the family together?

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