Floor plan advice - sloping land (to front)

8 days ago

Thinking to go with some known builder like Metricon (Sovereign / Vantage) or King Homes (Doncaster) but I would like to know what factors to consider when choosing the right builder?

Floor plan template, and inclusions, what else? Any tips or specific things we should ask or check with builder in this initial search?

We are trying to do KDR on our 615sqm land 15.4m frontage and land is sloping on front side.
Looking for some modern/contemporary design (flat roof) - 40-45square - 2 storey - 5 bedders, double garage. It will have garage under as currently our garage is in that way and its appro 2.6m up to enter in the house.

Below is the just the picture to show how we would like to build.

Lastly, based on your experience and understanding, is it true that custom builders mostly agree and change the things and easily accommodate the changing requests as against project builder don't and if they do it costs a lot? Can you share some details on this as well please?

Thanks guys!

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