Narrow house floor plan help needed

Lucy Smith
10 days ago
last modified: 9 days ago

Hi guys,

Can the brain trust help me with house plan? All area around kitchen/pantry/walk-in/master br/fire place nook doesn't feel well balanced, but I don't know how to change it to make it feel nicer.

Its custom build on very steeply dipping slope (dips to the North) so I cant change dimensions of the house, it overlooks gorgeous forest on the Northern side.

Block is located in Noosa and I am first house builder with pretty tight budget.

I have teenage daughter using the other North facing room and one spare room/study, since its only two of us, simple open plan house with 3 bedrooms will be more than plenty for us.

I asked to keep my bedroom to stay on opposite sides of the house with my daughters bedroom so I have some privacy, other than that I am open to suggestions.

This is just rough plan, kitchen design is still in making and we haven't yet got to it.

Any other helpful suggestions for the rest of the house?

Should I ditch bath in 2nd bathroom and move the toilet there?

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