Colourbond colour scheme help

Shell L
7 days ago

I'm building a home for the first time. Its a much needed new start for myself and my 2 daughters.
Colourbond roof, bricks and render choices are doing my head in.
I won't build with cream bricks, can't stand them. I love red brick (using midland bricks). I think its smart to have a lighter coloured roof in perth, but I'm not keen on surfmist. Too light for me.
I like black or charcoal window frames but am not absolutely decided on this.
I need help. I seem to like so many styles, weather board, industrial, modern, scandi, contemporary, traditional, hamptons, craftsman, farmhouse.... help!
I don't our new home to be another grey house on the block but I do like greys,whites, old look red bricks, concrete and wood.
My budget is fairly tight.

Think champange taste on a beer budget 🤣

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