Fixing Facade (apparently this title was too short)

6 months ago

Hi all
Before we extended and renovated our house I struggled with our front for a while and it's been fairly neglected.
I have an abundance of ideas, many of which are way too ambitious and in not sure how to reconcile what I want to do with the facade and landscaping ideas.
I hope you'll be patient as I want to sure a bazillion photos and thoughts. Here goes:

Front of house is a bit bleeurgh. The left-hand side is effectively screened with lots of greenery but I'd like you open it up more without having an ugly looking facade.

Things which definitely need doing:

  • Replace the 2 Left windows (We've got modern well glazed windows elsewhere in the house. These cannot be securely left open and there is no brick in the bottom part). I've had fanciful dreams of modern square bay windows but I think this will look odd because of the sloping eaves and how high up the windows up and also I think it would be as practical inside if the window went all the way to the floor).
  • Replace from steps (I can simply pave but what I'd really love is to rip them out and start again. I'd love them wider and curving out to the left. Not sure how to describe but essentially getting wider at the bottom and creating a longer place to sit. I want to rip out this garden bed as I don't love how close to the house the plants are even though it's all elevated so not a damp issue. I'd transplant the decent plants and eliminate the duds including the bush turned into a tree.

Things I'd like to do:

  • put in crazy paving in a curved pattern to cover the mismatched path and to be surrounded by garden beds. Essentially I want to rip out Robinia, replace most of grassed area with greasy paving and then create a beds around. I'd like to plant either. an odd number of silver birch or a couple of Japanese maples underplanted with dichondra, some wavy grasses and similar stuff.
  • get rid of husbands dodgy letter box which is too low to access and very much loved by ants.
  • paint if necessary the bricks were painted quite a yellow colour when we bought the house and it's been repainted Old Stone Wall but I feel that's still quite yellow or beige.

I'd love to make the facade more interesting with the choice of windows and I'm fairly adventurous with suggestions. However the crappy eave situation has got me stumped as they slope on the left and I the right there is no eave as former owners extended out that far (God knows why).

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