Colour Scheme Help!!

Simone Westcott
5 days ago

Hi everyone, brand new here but we are looking for some help with our colours for our new home build. We are building a Single Storey dwelling, with Colorbond Ironstone roofing, gutters and windowframes, Colorbond Surfmist fascia and Dulux Ancient Ruin as the render colour (only on the front, our bricks are Urban One Chiffon around all the other sides). We are a little stuck on the following items:

  1. Front Door colour
  2. Garage Door colour

Front Door will need to be a colour from Dulux range, whereas Garage Door will be a Colorbond colour. I don't think we want Ironstone again for the garage door...

Interior we are having Angora Blue Half Quarter for the walls, if that makes any difference.

We are so lost, hopefully someone can give us some good advice :)

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