Anyone organised their own soil test/contour survey?

3 days ago

amHi all - I know that when you often choose a builder - the first roughly $1500 you pay to them is for a soil test & contour survey.
We are thinking of putting in place a competitive tender system for our house - we have a few designs from a number of builders that would suit - but don't want to pay $1500 with each for the soil test & contours.
So we were thinking of getting this done ourselves (not us physically doing the tests - just us independently hiring a surveying firm) - giving a copy to the builder and asking them to prepare a brief offer document for the full price of the house (site costs, construction, carpet, tiles). This was recommended to us by a custom builder.
Anyone ever organised their own soil test and contour survey? Is there some registered body they should be a member of? Or some accreditation they should have?

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