Two living/family rooms?

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We have an open plan house. No doors on the ground floor. There are 3 main rooms - the front door/staircase/dining/office/small seating area room. The family room with sofas and TV. The kitchen. We're moving the kitchen to a new extension so we're wondering what to do with the existing kitchen, which is open to the family room through a 5 foot opening which can't be extended. The kitchen has a tiled floor (the family room is hardwood) and is 1 step down from the family room. The kitchen has a man door and 2 large windows. Does anyone have experience in having a 2 part family room, one with the TV and sofas, the other with ???? (I don't know)? Maybe a fireplace could be added? Maybe we convert it into a summer family room (lots of plants, maybe add a patio door?). We're starting to become empty nesters so this is going to be a house for just the 2 of us, most of the time (until the kids come back!). The room's about 15 x 25'. Appreciate your help.

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