Hybrid Flooring?

Simone Westcott
last month

Hi all,

We are building our first home and have asked for a quote for Hybrid Flooring for main areas (only bathrooms, bedrooms and laundry to be other materials). We had done some research and asked questions and thought we had the right option - it's waterproof, long warranty, timber look with a nice feel underfoot, but now I've been "warned" that hybrid clicks break after first use... so if we had to replace one plank, when we unclick it, they will not be able to be clicked back into place. Now I'm second guessing our decision.

We have been quoted for Mistura Hazel by National Tiles as per the selections allowed by our project builder.

Anyone have any feedback on this product?

I'm very nervous now about the future of this product in our soon-to-be home.

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