Thoughts on converting garage to rumpus room

clare Robertson
last month

Hi everyone, I’ve been seeing that you guys are really great at brainstorming ideas, and I’ve just realised that I’m in need of some outside the box thinking. We are in a 1970s style and layout house, split story with a very big garage underneath the kitchen and living area floor. I have been wanting to increase living area and create a rumpus style room for my 2 young children. My very simple plan was to create a doorway in the hall to lead to newly created downstairs and split the garage in two, and convert half of the space into a living area. This would also enable an internal door to the laundry which is currently only accessed from outside. I guess I am just after any other ideas as to how we could use this space and if I’m missing anything. Open to all ideas. Floor plan attached. bulk head is what I called the stair void, which I thought would just be boxed in, not very sightly as it would be in the living room, but I thought I could reposition everything to face away from it. Or if there’s more attraction options that would be great.

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