What would you do if this was your house? exterior makeover

7 days ago

Hello! We have just bought this house.

It's up the coast in a small beach town in Western Australia. We'll be moving in next year and plan to be living here for the next 10 years.

I want to update the exterior to freshen it up a bit.

My ideas are

- put a roller door across the carport

-pull out the palms and establish a native garden

-maybe widen the path to front door and put a pergola over the walkway and door?

-get a new front door and paint the window frames

- maybe paint the exterior

bricks? I'm not a fan of these brown bricks but I know there is no going back from painting them so keen to hear opinions on this.

Would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions on what you would do if this was your place? Lots of old fibros, beach shacks and similar dated boxy brick houses on this street

Last pic is from google street view and shows the light green colour of roof.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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