which shade of grey works best with this portico and fascia trims?

Daniela Wilson
3 days ago

I have just had some maintenance work done to portico which had cracked render as well changed the timber barge board beams and fascias due to rotting have set in so I am now looking at a new paint scheme which is proving so difficult to decide on....I am feeling unsure about whether to go with the dark fascia colour for portico colour as well or a lighter shade. The moulding around the brick entrance might be too dark if kept the same.
I have powdercoated gates in a pewter colour. However the balcony is in a dark charcoal. Should I try to intoduce a similar lighter grey for the portico or just go for the darker as fascia. I have used the lighter grey paint sample on the far right section of portico column and used the darker on the left as well as on the brick entry moulding. The house bricks have a lot of charcoal and grey through them so I want to highlight these.
Does anyone have any ideas on which way to go? I need to see what sample paints look like on a sunny day, but presently so unsure.

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