Bathroom tile advice

Amelia Gow
3 days ago

I am renovating my small bathroom.

I know I want a geometric/clean look with lots of square tiles.

I am pretty sure want a round mirror cabinet, a wood (black butt) cabinet and darker/grey grout.

I have already purchased mint green gloss 100 x 100 tiles for the back feature wall and bath/shower.
I need to purchase floor and wall tiles, bath, all fixtures.


  1. Should the floor and wall tiles be the same size (100 x 100) as the feature tiles?
  1. Could I use 200 x 200 on the floor and walls, or 200 x 200 on the walls and a rectangle shape on the floors (if so what size?)

  2. Is it a good idea to have matte floor tiles and glossy wall tiles?

  3. Would you do dark grout for contrast??

I have included pictures of the feature tiles, current bathroom and approximate mock up of the room.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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