Advice needed for small bathroom

Shan B
2 days ago

We are doing a complete reno of our main bathroom (strip out, new tiles, walls and all fixtures, leaving plumbing as-is). 2.5m by 2.5m. so not a very big space.

1) (shower pic attached) I love the idea of a walk-in shower. The wall on the right as you enter the bathroom is 2.5m. so with the space I have, is it possible to have a walk-in shower and will it be too impractical? I dont mind a little bit of splatter but I dont want the bathroom entry to be a slippery mess.

Thinking of 1) Rainfall shower head 2) A longer shower glass (single pane) 3) A secondary drain at the edge of the shower sloping back to the existing drain

to make the walk-in shower happen. Thoughts?

2) Also want to reclaim a bit of space by having a wall-hung toilet with a concealed cistern. There is a window above the toilet. Is it still possible to have a concealed cistern?

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