Whole House Renovation

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Hi there. We are in the process with our Drafts Person to come up with a plan for renovations. The proposed plan is great, though we would like to tweak it.

Specifically to tweak- entrance way, bedrooms (master and other two bedrooms) and ideally add a linen cupboard/s somewhere, and introduce a back door.

Some of the issues we find wiht the proposed plan are that the entrance will feel a bit pokey as it opens right into the dining. Other issue is that the projected plan to make master and lounge come out so far forward obstructs our view from kitchen window. Lounge is going to have a woodshed on it's outside so we can have a trapdoor inside to access our wood.

Just hoping anyone might see some options to redesign the entrance way (we were hoping to have a foyer inside and portico outside) and to get a walkway/back door in.

Thanks in advance, look forward to some ideas. My drawing version is terrible, but i played around wiht the proposed plan from the drafts person, and it still has a way to go. Happy to answer any questions. Cheers, Emily

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