White paint quandry

Bridget Tilley
2 months ago

I am renovating the kitchen and living areas and up to paint selection. The cabinetry is underway in Dulux Vivid White gloss and need to select walls and trims. I am planning Vivid White for ceiling and probably trim but not sure if:-

- trim should be semi gloss to differentiate ?

- walls I have been thinking Lexicon quarter but does this work with Vivid ? The floors will be spotted gum and the furnishings will be in warmish colours, brown/pink tones. I've heard Lexicon is pretty blue/grey - would this complement warm furnishings and floor or be stark ?

- The room is pretty well lit although faces west with large sliding doors so by mid afternoon in summer we'd want to be closing blinds.

Have posted a pic which unfortunately is quite yellowish but that's the image only, not a true reflection of the tones/ look at the moment.


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