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Hi everyone! We're about to start renovating the existing extension on the back of our 1875 Victorian cottage. Living in a remote area of Victoria means that it has been hard to nail down a draughts-person willing to travel and help us sketch-up a workable plan. We have been toing and froing on design ideas for the best part of a year! Much of the work will be undertaken by ourselves, with the help of our builder neighbour. The intention is to work with what we have (footprint-wise), and remove the central passageway walls in this area to create one large space (thankfully, not load-bearing!). Basically, the current layout does not work for us - central, narrow, dark passage; kitchen off to the right; dining area (with bathroom beyond) off to the left. Husband wants to move the kitchen to the existing dining room side so that we can eventually convert the old bathroom into a walk-in pantry in one half, and create a laundry in the other half. We plan to install larger windows, double French doors which will lead onto a deck in due course, and replace (and relocate) the existing back door with a full glass one - to maximize on light. The extension is on the south side, has a small step-down from the rest of the house, and a lower ceiling with a slight slope. It runs the width of the house. Neither of us is particularly good at drawing up plans, so if anyone has any ideas, or can come up with a fail-proof, easy to understand app, we will be most appreciative of your help and guidance in how to use it. Many big thanks!

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