Designing house to fit on small building envelope

Noel Porter
4 months ago

My wife & I are about to build our retirement house. We've bought a small block, 500 sq m, fronting a golf course on the North East side of the block. We want open plan design with 2 bedrooms plus study that can be converted to third bedroom down the track, if needed. I've attached some drafts we've come up with, including one, plan A, that we were reading to pull the trigger on. Plan B is probably our preferred option at the moment. We're not worried about WIR for main bedroom, main BR only needs to be 3.5x3.5 but can be bigger, & we only need one living area. Plans we've done use up , pretty much, every square cm of building envelope. There's a boundary fence (pool type) that runs about 4.5 metres along eastern side, fronting golf course. Boundary fence at back is also 4.5 m from back of house (will be steel colourbond). We'd love to hear any views/ideas that would improve on what we've come up with to date. Windows will be double glazed, flooring possibly engineered wood, hebel exterior. Also forgot to mention easement runs about 2 metres down eastern side of block.

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