Need design ideas for a narrow, poky hallway

last month
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As with most purchases on a budget my home came with some less desirable parts. One of those is my poky hallway between dining room/living/kitchen (which is a much more open space)... to the bedrooms, office and bathroom/toilet. The first step to helping it feel more open is to paint vivd white ceiling and Antique white walls. As the people painted it all (ceilings walls etc) one yuck peach sort of colour. Painting will help a lot. But I was wondering if anyone had any more ideas. Big or small. The first photo is standing from my bedroom. Living room sliding door on the left and then storage cupboard after that, before the hallway turns to the right and the bedrooms, office and toilet / bathroom come off there.
I would seriously welcome any tips to make it less dark and dingy and one way only.

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