Is laundry counted towards dwelling limits?

Another Dumbass
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I really only just started searching granny flats over the past few wks, so apologies in advance for the dumb q. ¬ The property we're abt to buy has a tiny 2 bedder and there's enough land to put a granny flat, which will end up bigger than the main. ¬ Anyhow, because granny flat is 60sqm Max, I'm trying to work out if laundry is considered habitable space? And then if it's worth it. ¬ I'm thinking of sticking the ldry at the rear of the house. Most likely it'll be a closet style laundry that sits out back (probably near the back door) underneath the verandah/balcony so it's protected from the elements. ¬ I'm hoping this'll mean I can get away with excluding it from the 60sqm...but if I have to include it, then I'll find a way to make the door accessible from within the house. ¬ Thoughts?

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