Flooring dilemma - please help

Naomi Everton
2 months ago

I have a 1974 60sqm ground floor apartment in need of some love. I would like advice on whether to use engineered timber flooring or laminate (blackbutt is the style/colour I'm after).

Engineered: I'm told shows the dust/dirt, fades, easily scratches and doesn't wear so well. But they have a 3mm real timber top and have gloss/shine and look and feel like real floorboards.

Laminate: Doesn't scratch, waterproof, matt so doesn't show dust/dirt, no fading.

Concrete: A friend has just suggested this one to me.

The picture I've attached is from the real estate ad to give you an idea of the layout - open plan sliding doors (northerly sun) out to the courtyard. Body Corp has approved floorboards in case anyone was wondering. My style is mid century modern - 60s-70s.

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