Ensuite renovation - suggestions wanted

I want to remodel our ensuite and would really like an alcove shower (no door!) and a separate toilet. The biggest challenge is that drainage is under 300mm of solid concrete and drainage plans are likely to be inaccurate, plus there is a large window (1800 high x 1200 wide) set into a solid 250mm thick concrete external wall. There is no scope to move internal walls either. Even moving the door is undesirable (though possible) because of the furniture arrangement in the adjoining bedroom.

After several attempts, I've come up with a design I think might work, and I'd love some feedback. Have I missed any obvious issues or obstacles?

Existing plan (hatched walls around shower are all glass)

My idea:

The shower could use the existing shower drain and the vanities can drain into the existing floor waste as the vanity will be placed right over it.

Do I really need to move the door across to nearer the wall of the WC and orient it the opposite way? Would a sliding barn door be better, sliding on the inside of the bathroom? If so, is there a way to lock a barn door for privacy?

I am thinking the wall between shower and vanity might be 1800 high. May need a skylight. There is a 4-way exhaust/light/heater in the centre of the ceiling which would serve for the shower area.

Currently, all walls are tiled floor to ceiling with good quality tiles and grout, but the flat pale beige colour is very bland. The room needs some pizzaz. I hate tiled walls in showers, and there are ugly fittings set into the tiles on the shower walls, so my idea was to use wetwall sheeting in a nice pattern that goes with the tiles over the tiled walls in the shower and for the new partition walls, and leave other walls as they are. The shower floor will need to be redone, but otherwise the floor should be fine (unless it has to be cut for a floor waste.

Any suggestions or comments would be very welcome. Thanks for your help.

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