sleepout bedroom ideas

fianou luca
8 days ago

We are in the process of re-doing the internal cladding and insulating a 7.2 x 2.6 metre sleepout. It has old louvres all the way around which need to be replaced. I'm planning to turnout it into a bedroom for my 3 kids and then later split it into 2 bedrooms when they get older. There's not a lot of internet inspiration for sleepouts, any houzzers have any experience with this? What is the best way to close in some of the window area so its not so cold in winter? what sort of windows should we use? new louvres or salvaged casements? The house is an art deco bungalow with curved fronts. The sleepout doesn't really have a nice view as there's an abandoned fibro shack right next door. Its on the side of the house and has 2 french doors opening onto what will be a 2 room living space once we open up the wall between. I don't really like toys in the bedroom and plan to make a play room.
I'd love some inspiration and some tips please!

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