I need help with exterior upgrade for my little concrete box.

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Hi. So, this is my 1954 house on West Palm Beach. Its the side that faces the street, and the front long ago, was turned either to cit the lot or face the intracoastal ( blocked by another yard and house and small street). The higher window is the kitchen. Plumbing work is reason for the gray plaster.

I really like porches with columns and rails, Key West styles, country southern homes, but I have this mid century modest and love the interior. The roof is perfectly flat.

I can look for days and find no house on pinterest or other sites showing a house like this one.

I'd like to add some kind of charm. I have landscape archetects in the family to help me address landscaping. Its the building I want to make a bit more charming.

Thoughts of my options are:

Wooden decorative shutters with pineapple cut-outs. Would these work with windows being already wide windows in porportrion to the house. Opinions?

Window boxes positioned to sort of even the height.

Simple dentil molding at fascia.

Accent trim above windows.

Old Florida style decorarive plaster, wall sculputres ( usually there were two in pairs, like seahorses or something). Can't find any photos online. Not top on my list, but considering.

Entry or rain portico. Arched entry when money ship comes in ( made same as the house) or
a pre-made rain portico is not expensive. Trellis entry?

I love yellow for this house, but all neighbors, recently love it too, so I'm thinking of a clean, light pink with white trims and pale aqua or wood color door. Dentil molding at fascia.

If it remains yellow, maybe wood color door or even a deeper yellow door with soft to medium green trim. Maybe green shutters if I am able to use them.

Overhang and three-tierd fascia may limit options.

Thanks, everyone. Here are photos. Have at it. : ) I truly appreciate your input.

Had fire in kitchen last year, and rebuilt it from the studs. Hence, some neglect here in the front.

There are only two images here, and sorry for multiples of the same. Had some trouble adding and then deleting.

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