Is this media unit too high? And how to decorate around TV.

andrew oswald
last month

As the title mentions I feel that the media unit might be too high. What I thought we were ordering was supposed to be 4 inches shorter. The manufacturer said that as TVs are getting bigger, so are media units and that the height is proportional to the length, in this case 2400mm (8ft) long and 695mm (2.2ft) high.

I’m worried it might be a bit heavy for the room and it sits at a similar height to the buffet.

As we only sit about 3m (10ft) away I’m worried the tv sits a touch too high and does not allow space under bottom of tv for decorating etc. Tv shown in picture is 55” marked on wall is a planned 65” tv.

I would also love some tips on how to decorate around tv taking into account speakers , maybe putting tv off centre etc. I will be putting a record player on the unit and would like a small shelf for plants or prints.

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