Floorplan & Orientation Help!

Fiona Joss
last month

Hello, we are excited to be in the planning stages of building our first home. We are in Brisbane and hoping for a cool house with lots of breezes and natural light. I’m a bit of an amateur with orientation but have put together the below floor plan as a starting point.

Our block faces south to the street, north to the rear.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Ideally I’d love for a gabled roof and to pitch the ceiling above main living areas and kitchen with skylights.

To assist we have 2 boys under age of 2 but intend to stay perhaps even through to teenage years. Would definitely like separation of Master from kids bedrooms and my own bath in the Master! I have put a bath to dictate this but assumed it would be a wet room based on this layout.

Also the MPR would be a rumpus for the kids large enough for them to have friends over with direct access to backyard and pool area.

Id love a courtyard/garden/outdoor access to the north side of the Master so have included that on the plan.

Please ignore dimensions at this point as I haven’t really worked those out yet....very early stages. I’ll attach a pic of the block also. It’s a very leafy street and block.

Thank you in advance!

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