Bathroom reno company or manage trades myself?

John K
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

i have been asking friends to recommend a bathroom company for our renovation, but none want to recommend theirs, as they generally had bad experiences. The gist of what I am told is that the companies they used will subcontract to various trades who often don’t care about the quality of the work.

One friend said the salesperson was good, electrician and plumber good but the tiler did a very poor job. Then having to go through rectifications was a nightmare. Same with another friend who said most of the trades were good except his plasterer did a bad job of the ceiling, cornices and walls not straight.

i thought if i can get recommendations of particular tradies who are good at what they do and manage them myself, i might get a better overall result?

I would like to hear opinions before i go down that path.

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