Window size with 2740 ceiling height

16 days ago

Hi All,
So I am close to finalizing my house plans and I keep coming back to a thought about my window sizes.
My house will be a Ranch style home with 2740 ceiling height. The windows on the front of my house are going to be 1800 X 850 (east facing). I have 8 of them spread out over the front of the house. The next size up in height is 2057 X 850 for an upgrade cost of $150 per window.
I'm pretty stretched with my budget as is so not sure if I can really afford it but I just wanted to know what others have for their window height for the higher ceiling?
Will it look weird having 1800mm windows on 2740mm ceilings? Is it too small? I would like more natural light coming in but not sure if the extra 250mm would make that much of a difference?
I also have 450mm eaves around the whole house.

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