outdoor entertainment area

Doné Hanekom
16 days ago

We’ve moved into our home mid last year. We are planning to renovate our outdoor area. The pool will get a new slimline fence (dark colour). We’ve already planted the lawn as on the photos. We aren’t painting the bricks but will paint the posts and trims in a dark colour.

So, this is the area I need help with. We will add a n inbuilt bbq in the area with the tiles. The freestanding bbq is on his way out. We spend a lot of time here and need it to feel cozy and relaxing.

We really want a stone pizza oven and a built in fireplace that can be used as a ‘fire bbq’. There is a space on the left with no cover, so, that might be the best place for it.

And then we need seating and a dining area.

Any ideas and suggestions welcome😀

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