Looking for reno ideas for 1900 miners cottage

Ujwol Shrestha
14 days ago

Hi Everyone,

We have just bought our house in Sydney. It’s 1900 full brick miners cottage. Apart from kitchen which was renovated couple of years back everything else is mostly in original condition.

We have reno budget of around 70k.

As we have never done any renovation and have absolutely no idea about it , we are looking for some suggestions from experts here.

Some of the things we have considered doing are :

  1. Full reno bathroom ( Size 3.5m * 1.8m)
  2. Full reno laundry ( European style)
  3. Replace carpet in 4 bedrooms with floorboards or tiles
  4. Install cladding on the front wall
  5. Replace all door and windows (8 windows , 2 exterior doors. 1 back door as bifolding door)
  6. Replace veranda arches
  7. Install plantation shutter
  8. Paint whole interior and exterior
  9. Install patio at back ( long term wish)

Except for item(9) do you think our budget is achievable? Anything that you would prioritise first or remove from the list above?
Also how do I go about doing these reno? Do I need deisgner/architect or can I get quotes from builder directly?

Thanks in advance for any advice that you may have.

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