Help Where to fit 2nd bathroom/ensuite

12 days ago


in need of a second bathroom (3 daughters who like to spend a bit of time in the main family one)

Cal bungalow in melbourne,on a a skinny long block 10m wide x 50 is long. the main bedroom faces west.The sewer and water run down the side where the bedrooms are.

Couple of ideas we have which we thought we’d reach out to the community and see if there are better ideas,

1. we have large main bedroom with an unused fireplace and (no plan to ever use!) and my thoughts are remove that and build a skinny ensuite perhaps 3400 x 900 within exisiting roofline. whilst the cheapest option, the non symmetry of the room would really annoy me and would only allow maybe 700 mm between edge of bed and new ensuite wall

2. Same as option above, however push put into the side path perhaps 300mm to get some more depth in ensuite and keep proportions in main bedroom ( similar distance from side of bed to wardrobe as proposed ensuite wall) . Issue we only have 1300 to fence, it is a south facing wall so will have to get neighbours ok, idea would be to have the little bit extra under exisiting roofline so no shadowing.

3. Split the family bathroom in half and create 2 smaller bathrooms (a no go from the missus as she loves the big bathroom)

4. Something we haven’t thought of!

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