Have you carved out a “hoffice”?

Santi Arya
5 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Accelerated by a Covid-19 world, for many Australians, the new working week means a balance of the grind in-office or home-office (aka the hoffice).

We want to find out if you have carved out a “hoffice” in the past year?

This poll will only allow you to pick one option, otherwise feel free to share your comments or show us photos of your set-up in the thread below. Vote now!

I made use of an unused/spare room for a home office
I made use of my dining/living/bedroom space for a home office
I made use of a unique small or narrow space for a home office (cupboard, wardrobe, under the stairs or other) - Show us in the comments below!
I do not have a home office

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