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last month

Hoping I can obtain feedback from the Houzz community on a two-level duplex design we're about to commence construction on.

We worked with an Interior Designer to finesse the floorplan once the architect had completed the design. She moved the laundry upstairs to enable a better layout downstairs, with more linear lines, a larger laundry, better view lines from the front door and more light down the hallway. The architect and builder have both questioned the decision of having the laundry upstairs, they believe most future buyers will find this an issue and people will find it weird not having direct access outside from the laundry. The Interior Designer and I both see no problem with it and agree that the advantages of a better lower level layout trump the fact that it's unusual to have the laundry upstairs. I've also lived in a house before which had the laundry upstairs and it was no problem. In fact, it was good, because I could take the clothes straight from the bedrooms to the laundry without going up and down stairs with multiple loads. I've spoken to a couple of local real estate agents in the area to get their opinion, in terms of future saleability and they are split down the middle!

While we are building to live in the property ourselves, we will sell the property in the future, so want to take broader preferences into account. We prefer the design with the laundry upstairs, but can live with either. The downstairs laundry design means the laundry door opens out into the dining area, which I didn't think was ideal.

Would love to hear all opinions! I've included a Poll to capture your votes!

CGI of the living area below as a reference.

1. Original Floorplan - Laundry Upstairs

2. Floorplan Option (lower level) - Laundry Downstairs

The designer retained the look in the dining area with tall timber laundry doors to match the kitchen & surrounds and from the dining area it will look like cabinet doors. Downstairs bathroom will have no shower as it does in Option 1. Dimensions of the dining area and kitchen don't change with this option. We haven't designed the upstairs level with this option yet.

3. Living Area - Reference image

Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at this.

OPTION 1: Original Floorplan_Laundry Upstairs
OPTION 2: Floorplan_Laundry Downstairs.

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