Plasterboard and showline

3 days ago

We are nearly up to the stage of putting plasterboard up in our new house construction.
Just checking for shadowline look do door jambs go in before or after plasterboard
Also does p50 skirting go in before flooring such as timber boards /tiles

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  • bigreader
    3 days ago

    Isn’t the Shadow line for your ceiling? How is the door jam involved? Skirtings go on after all flooring is finished - although in some new builds I’ve noticed floating flooring going in afterwards with a scotia finish which is not optimal.

  • PRO
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    Door Jambs in before plasterboard, architraves after plasterboard


    Structural Floor in before skirting


    Floating floor and non-structural flooring are best fixed prior to skirting to avoid scotia or quad molding


    Shadowline ceilings can be a pain when it comes to painting, often painters don't paint in the " Shadow" is is a piece of white plastic with a tear-away section.

    Insects have been known to build their nests in the recess.