Need advise on fridge placement whether in pantry or kitchen

Mac K
2 days ago
last modified: 2 days ago

Here is a draft of the kitchen and butler panty. the kitchen and butler size is good. i am confused if the main fridge is better placed insdie butler pantry which is an extension of the kitchen or outside nook at the entrance of pantry. (highlighted in yellow).

We have 2 fridges and in the plan both are inside the butler pantry opposite the big sink and dishwasher. If we place main fridge inside butler, outside area yellow place could be used for a full length pantry cupboard. alongside the oven microwave tower (pink highlight).

there is a bench behind fridges in the plan in butler where is the main sink and dishwasher.

the question is about the main fridge as im happy for second to go inside butler.

any advice will be appreciated.

just to add I intend to use main fridge for everyday food preparation items. second fridge is for extra storage. There are 2users of the fridge, but mainly its me doing cooking.

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