Keep or demolish a pool

Ali Jane
11 days ago

Interested in thoughts people have on keeping or demolishing a pool.

We’re in the process of buying a house on a 750sqm block that has an old neglected fibreglass pool out the back. The block is basically split in thirds - front yard, house, backyard. The pool takes up the majority of the backyard with about 2 m of paving around all sides.

We’re in a dilemma - we could restore the pool and re-design an entertaining area around, then fence off the front yard and add a deck and grass for the dogs/future kids. Backyard and front yard are roughly the same size. House is across the road from a park and bushland.

Alternatively we could demolish and remove the pool and grass out the back and have a bigger entertaining area then just have a landscaped front yard.

We’re in Perth, so have hot summers and market research of our area seems to show that houses with pools sell higher.

Would you be put off buying a house if the pool takes up majority of the backyard if you could have grass out the front?

I’m curious for opinions. I never saw myself with a pool but open to it.


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