Bathroom Ensuite Renovation

last month

Hi, I was hoping to get some advice/guidance in relation to our ensuite renovation.

At the moment the layout is as shown with an open plan bathroom wardrobe. Please excuse my messy handwriting. Basically, you walk into the bathroom from the bedroom with the bath, handbasin (single) and toilet on the right and cupboards on the left. The room has a very high ceiling – the one thing I forgot to measure, but well above normal height. The toilet is enclosed in a dingy little alcove with saloon type doors. It really gives me the creeps. Light is not an issue elsewhere as we have 2 good sized skylights.

The walls in the bathroom are mostly painted shiplap pine. There are some tiles around the spa bath.

I have come up with one plan which divides the room not quite in half. So the entry to the bathroom is via the walk in wardrobe.

I want to

a) remove the enclosure around the toilet and just have a frosted, or ripple glass curved screen (900) – I’m not sure if the glass is necessary as a lot of the photos I see have the toilet without any screening. Also, maybe less glass, less cleaning J

b) have a wall hung vanity (600) single basin.

c) The mirror will be one of those cabinet mirrors recessed into the wall.

d) a black framed glass enclosure separating shower from vanity – not sure on pivot or sliding option

e) a long drain grate so shower water flows towards the bath

f) Drop in bath enclosed on three sides. I’m not a fan of the freestanding bath with narrow gaps at either end – It looks nice, but I just think it would be a real pain to clean.

g) Not sure if there is sufficient length to have heated towel hooks at the back of the shower, or whether these should go outside the glass on the wall?

Thanks for any comments.

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