Kitchen structural changes for reno

Juliet Murray
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Hi all

My partner and I are looking to renovate our kitchen as part of the renovation of the whole house (mainly cosmetic changes but also to enlarge and renovate ensuite to master bedroom). We live in Beckenham in Perth, WA and paid $280k for the house last year, so are mindful of overcapitalising.

With regards to the kitchen we would like more space and more effective use of the space, in particular more counter space for food prep. We think we need to make some structural changes, for example close off the 'shoppers entrance' to the kitchen /and or extend the kitchen out to the left. But want to keep these structural changes to a minimum in order to be cost efficient/save costs. We would like an island bench if possible, counter space next to the stove and are thinking of having the sink under the window.

Could anyone help us with any suggestions regarding a floor plan/structural changes to enlarge our kitchen and make the most efficient use of our space, whilst also being cost efficient?

Thank you! :)

Floor plans

Front of the house (front door is the one to the right, 'shoppers entrance' to the kitchen on the left)

Kitchen and family room.


Kitchen, dining

Kitchen, dining and family room.

Kitchen and family room.

Front entrance lounge (bedroom to the left) We don't use it as a lounge and don't wish to so were either thinking study, hallway/ mudroom or even to extend the kitchen this way if cost effective and the right design. We may close it off from the bedroom, creating a hallway, depending on cost.

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