Have you ever swapped an adjoining kitchen & bathroom around?

Jake Cauldron
last month
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Hey folks,

Keen to hear people's experience with renovating kitchens and bathrooms, and most relevant, switching their locations around – when they are close by.

We just got a place and overall really like it. Old 1920s with an 80s extension. The kitchen, living, bathroom area in the middle of the house is quite strange however.

Here's a screenshot of the current layout.

The purple area is a bit of a courtyard which we will use as an outdoor dining area in the future.

The Kitchen / dining area in light orange is all the original timber floorboards, floating above the old 20's slab I believe. The bathroom is tiled and sitting above that same old slab (again, I think!).

Where it steps 'DN' is the extension, which is built directly on a concrete slab so no chance of running any services through the floor there. It is currently a tiled sort of living area leading to the breezeway past the courtyard.

The bathroom currently looks nice, but my building inspector told me it's either a DIY job or a poorly done contract job with some real sealing and waterproofing problems. Therefore, there are a lot of problems with water leaking into the structure through the walls and floor, and I will have to redo the whole thing, the sooner the better.

It got me thinking though, would it cost much more to relocate the kitchen a bit at the same time?

It would make the layout with the main living area more workable, and make the space feel modern and brighter with the chance to have more windows into the kitchen. Particularly overlooking the nice courtyard outside.

A very bad sketch of what I am thinking here:

Of course, I just copied the kitchen layout - we would probably opt for something quite different as it's not optimised at all right now.

Same with the bathroom and laundry - maybe it'd make more sense to have the laundry as a mudroom entrance (that grey bit on the side is our carport so would be a convenient entry). But that's much of a muchness, I just want to check this out on a high level.

The plumbing and gas lines are all pretty much in the right places already. If we put windows in the new kitchen area, it would require cutting some holes in the old Fibre Cement weatherboard but I assume that's fine depending on the structural elements. And we were probably gonna do that anyway, keeping the bathroom in its place.

The kitchen is pretty nice currently, it's DIYed, a bit kooky but we like some elements of it. Over time, we would probably have thought of redoing it anyway, but if we redo the bathroom in the meantime like we have to, we are stuck with that strange layout, or have to pay for the bathroom twice.

I am guessing I would need to speak to a builder to get any really realistic quote on undertaking something like that.

But was after some opinions of people who may have also shifted their layouts around a bit. Or have undertaken big reno work like that.

My inspector said a bathroom redo would be anywhere from $15 – 20k to $infinite depending on our tastes – very rough guess. I only have a very rough idea what a kitchen costs, but we do spend heaps of time cooking, it's probably our main hobby, so we'd want a nice. I don't really have any idea of what shifting all those utilities around would be either.

We are located in SA if that matters at all!

Thanks for any opinions.

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