Front of house help. Removing sliding door.

10 months ago

Hi, calling on ideas again. I have made some small improvements to the front of my house and I am now renovating the room behind the sliding door to the left. The previous owners converted the garage and inside is a lovely big room that comes off the main living area. The door never gets used and is an eyesore. I also feel it's a security issue. I wish to convert it to make a main bedroom. I would like to remove the sliding door and ideally, if I can find matching bricks I will brick up the bottom section and put in a window, however it may look a bit funny as it's lower than the other windows. I am looking for suggestions though for other options on what I could do here. The front of the area serves as the driveway so I don't want to make it a courtyard or anything utilising the sliding door as there wouldn't be enough space.
I am considering other materials to wall up too like cladding etc, however I feel that that would then need to be implemented else where at the front to tie it all in. The room only has one small window to the left as other walls are internal so I would need to retain some light hence not bricking it up entirely. I am looking for the most cost effective but practical, pleasing options.

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