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My partner and I are going to undertake a big renovation to the house we just bought to make it ours. The home is small, the layout in the living areas is not functional & the style is very 90s.

We have thought about closing off the formal dining area and creating a WIP (with internal access from the garage going through the pantry), as well as knocking down the wall between the hallway and the kitchen to make it more open plan. I am unsure if we would have the space for an island (which I so desperately want), or if we will have to have an L shaped kitchen. The home has a grease trap so unfortunately we don't think we can relocate the sink or move the exterior walls. If you know anything about grease traps in Australia, let me know! Would love to get rid of it, but don't want to foot that unnecessary bill if I don't actually need too.

I am looking for ideas on how to configure the rest of the home (& kitchen!). We are undecided on whether to relocate the master bedroom (incl WIR & Ensuite) to the Rumpus room (taking half of the space) & making the other half a living area. Our other plan was to take over bedroom 2 to make a larger WIR & Ensuite and create a new bed 2 in the rumpus room similar sizing to bed 4, with an office in the adjacent space, and a living room in the larger section of the remaining space.

We will be renovating the laundry and bathrooms as well. Basically a full rip out of the home lol.

We have thought about putting stacker or bi-folding doors to the dining area & the rumpus room to make the space feel bigger as the family/meals area is very narrow & only big enough for a dining set.

Would love some tips/ideas!

Thank you :)

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