floor plan and facade advise

Ss Vv
7 days ago

Hi All,

Would appreciate some advise on floorplan for a townhouse we are building. We are subject to council restrictions and limited options because of back townhouse, hence I tried my best to work within those restrictions. My main concerns are

-laundry too far from bedrooms- my justification to have it where it is that I would prefer a window/door in my laundry and plus the end of the house feels like a dead space if I have living there. No window at the back wall feels like a dead end for the house because adjoining back unit Garage.

  • upstairs bedrooms not as big as I would like.
  • FF master bathroom floorplan - not sure if I should have shower next to bath and have a wet area. My husband is a splasher and would make bathtub also wet while taking shower. Cleaning etc issues also. Any suggestions.
  • I am adding a few windows on first floor and changing FF shared bathroom.

  • creating an arch on the porch or FF centre big window to give some softness to Facade rather than boxy look. We are wanting a soft provincial look.

any other suggestions would be much appreciated! TIA

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