Total refresh of outdated bathroom - Before and After

Interior Design By Jo
7 days ago
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The aim of this project was to tidy and refresh this family bathroom, create more storage, and modernize the look and feel of the space while still tying in the material pallet with the rest of this renovated Queenslander home.


Before: Bathroom overview

Before: Vanity with outdated tapware and inadequate storage.

Before: Exposed plumbing

Before: Built in bath. Outdated tapware and small bath, not using the full potential of the space.

Before: Corner shower with chunky frame.

Before: Old showerhead and taps. Not enough shelf space.


After: Full renovation and refresh of the space. Minimal, matt black tapware and accessories, large freestanding bath, and traditional tiles to tie the material pallet back into the rest of the house.

After: Feature lighting selected by the client, and a round shaving cabinet with storage behind.

After: Custom designed vanity with a large drawer to conceal bathroom products, and an open shelf below for towels and display. The floating vanity opens up the floorspace and makes it easier to clean the bathroom.

After: To keep the vanity top clutter-free we concealed GPO's and USB chargers within the vanity drawer.

After: The small built-in bath has been replaced by a large freestanding bath and a floor-standing bath filler with a hand shower. This client has children and this design makes it safer and easier to bathe them.

After: The niche is a tidy solution for product storage, especially when you have a freestanding bath.

After: We replaced the chunky shower frame with semi-frameless glass panel and a hinged door with black hardware to match the rest of the bathroom. The shower niche provides a tidy and permanent storage solution for shower products.

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