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Lacey 30
7 days ago
last modified: 7 days ago

Could I please ask for assistance with our new build. I previously posted on here however cannot find the post for some reason. Just a bit of background. Block is in new subdivision coastal QLD (Hervey Bay). The block is 1125m2 with a 25m frontage. The front faces north (facing road) with our views out back to the south. We have an easement however this is at rear of block. I am trying to get some northern sun into the front if I can. There will only be my husband and myself living in house. The only problem with this design is that it doesn't leave much side room access..1.7m & 1.6m. Most project homes I look at either have a width of up to 14 metres or jump up to 20 metres. There doesn't seem to be much in between. I would prefer our bedroom out to the south also. I have flipped the plan so the garage is on the western side. We are kind of limited to a project builder as the private builders up there at the moment are not taking on any new builds. I would really appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.

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