Plans for reno help

Melt In ACT
2 months ago

After tossing up selling vs renovation we have decided to renovate next year. Post-reno we plan to stay in the house until retirement (7 years) when we will vacate the 'hood!

Basics: AV Jennings c.1978 brick veneer, wooden sub-floor/brick piers. The living, dining, master, ensuite were extended in the 90s and are on a slab. The house sits backwards on the block, so the front of the house faces into the backyard and the ugly rear of the house currently forms the main entrance (circled in red - bottom right of the plan). I've had a previous post on here about trying to improve those external visuals.

We want to

(a) open up the kitchen and modernise the laundry, include a WIP if possible since it's a 4-bedroom family home.

(b) open up the wall with windows or sliders and enlarge the deck to bring the outdoors in - noting that may be hard as the block is sloped so the deck may need to be multi-level.

(c) We are not minimalists, so need lots of storage, since there isn't much elsewhere inside the house.

(d) Have a design that offers the illusion of warmth and texture, since the house is in Canberra and (like most homes there) is poorly insulated.

Sorry, the only plan with measurements that we have is very blurry.

Living dining - kitchen entrance to the left of photo, entrance to larger deck via the wooden door and entrance to exit steps through sliders on the right.

Current kitchen looking out to living.

Current rear decking - is bigger than it looks - easily fits 4 chairs and a table.

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