Landscaping driveway and front garden- please comment and advise

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Please give me your suggestions for giving my front garden a facelift:

1) Yellow daisies on driveway to be replaced. This is a full sun area and plants need to be hardy. The driveway is narrow so plants cannot be too wide.

2) Postbox side I have pansies, dianthus and jasmine on the fence

3) Brick side I have two coloured standard roses that look very nice in full bloom. Below them I have alstroemeria, daisies , Mexican sage and seasonal bulbs of Lillies, gladioli, dahlias

4)Near fence near hose I have a Daphne. Canna and Calla Lillies that will bloom in summer

5)I also have a small area on left of hose with cactus plants

6)Near pittosporums I have standard roses and below them alstroemeria and daisies.

Would love your ideas . Thanks.

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