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We are planning to build a house in Melbourne with the facade shown below, which is a customised Henley Amalfi 28 that extends the overall width of the house to add an extra bedroom at the front. We've opted for a facade that has a lot of windows.

We're now stuck on colours. We know that we want a strong red brick (Austral Capitol Red or Daniel Robertson Hawthorn Red) and we're attracted to a high (or high'ish) contrast scheme, with black for the windows (not monument) and white plantation shutters.

A few options are mocked up below based on a different, but somewhat similar, house design. One is with a surfmist roof and the others with Woodland Grey, both with Night Sky gutters to match the windows.

Do any of these options work with red brick? What else could we try, given the theme we are going for?

All advice is very very appreciated!

Our facade

Option 1 (surfmist roof / garage door)

Option 2 (woodland grey roof / garage door)

Option 3 (woodland grey roof / surfmist garage door

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