20-year old kitchen gets a dream makeover

11 days ago
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The client had a kitchen that was over 20 years old and wanted us to transform their space into a modern, sleek one that was not only more functional but also reflected the character of the rest of the house.

In our detailed discussions with the client, we understood that the client had always struggled with cramped and insufficient storage solutions, along with limited benchtop space. We proposed to have

more drawer storage solutions, a pantry with inner drawers & a Pull out pantry for storage. We also advised changing the existing peninsular Kitchen benchtop to an Island benchtop, as it was a little outdare.

In Modern Kitchen design, we need plenty of space to move around the Island Kitchen out into adjacent spaces. This proposal was accepted by the client as they were assured of the advantage in terms of looks & functionality.

The clients loved their cooking & did a lot of entertaining family & guests. The existing kitchen had Matte finish doors & a laminate benchtop with tile splashback. The client was not happy with the finishes & found it very difficult to maintain the doors & laminate benchtop, with normal everyday use. They also found it difficult to clean the grout lines on the tile splashback.

In keeping with the concerns of the client, we proposed a Polytec Createc gloss finish for the door, engineered stone from YDL for the benchtop & splashback. As the client was dissatisfied with the standard benchtop width of 600mm as well as their lackluster old benchtop material, we made them a more ergonomic 700mm-deep benchtop and went with Shadow grey from YDL which had very subtle grains.

The client was uninspired by their old tile splashback or the conventional glass splashback option, so we chose to use the stone splashback as the surface for the splashback too, creating a seamless and immaculate look with no grout lines to ever think about!

Maintaining the glossy and lustrous appearance for the new design, we went for Polytec New Ultra White for all the cabinets & on the wall overheads & the Island back we went for Jamaican walnut. This colour scheme gave a lot of life into the otherwise plain kitchen. We maintained the existing laminated flooring in our Kitchen renovation & only needed to have matching flooring were necessary due to a change of design.

As a final touch, we opted to include LED downlights for the overheads to give this chic new kitchen that extra glow!

Check out the before & afters below:



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