Cream Windows - What white interior paint?

10 days ago

We have an early 90s house that is in desperate need of a paint job. We want to go white walls and trims (skirts and window/door frames) or if we feel brave enough we would consider white walls and grey trims. Ideally we want to modernise the house but are scared of the old cream aluminium window frames, and don’t want to be painting or replacing them.

What white would you recommend for the walls that won’t look offensive against the cream? What about the trims? Stick with white or be bold with grey? Gloss/matte? Too many choices, I’d love to hear all opinions - bonus points for pics :)

Our furniture is mainly painted white timber with stained driftwood tops, our coach is a dark grey. We hope to put floorboards down in the next year or two too.

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